Mr.Bharatbhai Govindbhai Vibhani


Mr. Bharatbhai Govindbhai Vibhani (Anklav) means an enlightened, influential, honest and inspiring personality. A respected elder of the Macchukathiya Sai Suthar caste. Late Shri Bharatbhai Govindbhai Vibhani, who is also intellectual but humble, august but loving, and promising but submissive, has been the President of the Ahmedabad Machu Kathiya Sai Sutar as well as the trustee in the Bhavnath Trust (Junagadh) of the caste and has given the highest services for years and has led the organization and the society on the path of prosperity and development. Mr. Bharatbhai Vibhani, who accepts the winds of change, is a time saver and is always committed to the work of social welfare, organized three introductory Matrimonial fairs of the caste at Chotila, Saurashtra, and made them successful. In the present age when the availability of 'online' for acquaintances-kinship-meetings-information has been blessed, in order to bring ease in kinship of young boys and girls of the entire society and to liberalize timely inter-caste marriages, He decided to create a special 'web-site' to facilitate marriage. Today, by launching an ‘online’ web-site through the web-site of ‘SMART INFORMATION TRUST’, his oath for the benefit of caste has been fulfilled. Along with this, a web-site has been opened for the introduction-selection-marriage of the young boys and girls of the entire society. There is a feeling that in the future, this campaign will be a blessing for many families of the entire community.

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